Akali Dal ("the army of the Akalis") - Akali Dal - Акали Дал (an Akali is a Sikh devoted to God, the Akali Dal is a political party centred in the Punjab, supporting Sikh interests at state and national levels)

Akal Purukh - Akal Purukh (akal - "surematu", Purkh - "looja") - Акал Пуркх (букв. акал - неумирающий, Пуркх - творец, созидатель) (a Sikh term for God meaning the "Timeless One", God is changeless, is never born and never dies, is beyond time and space, is transcendent and immanent, and is present everywhere, as the creator he is both personal and compassionate, and "he" is father and mother, in other words he is not bound by sexual metaphors)

Akhand path (akhand - "uninterrupted, without break"; path - "reading") - Akhand path (akhand - "lakkamatult, katkestamatult"; path - "lugemine") - Акханд Патх (akhand - "непрерывно, без перерыва", path - "чтение") (a continuous uninterrupted reading of the entire Holy Sikh Scriptures, the Guru Granth Sahib which takes 48 hours to complete)

Amritsar - Amritsar - Амри́тсар (в.-пандж. ਅੰਮ੍ਰਿਤਸਰ, хинди अमृतसर) (Amritsar is the principal holy city of the Sikhs, it is situated in Punjab in north-west India, it was founded in 1577)