Aaron (15th-13th century BC) - Aaron - Аарон (Elder brother of Moses, first high priest of the Israelites)

Abraham (c.2000-1650 BC) - Aabraham - Аврам (the father of the Hebrew people and the father of the three great monotheistic religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam (as a messenger (rasul) of outstanding importance))

Afikoman (Aramaic "dessert") - afikoman (אפיקומ) -  афикоман (largest piece of the three pieces of matzah used at the Passover seder, eaten at the end of the seder meal, symbolizes the Passover lamb)

Aggadah (Haggadah) (from a Hebrew verb "to tell" - "narration") - Agada - Аггада (арамейский אַגָּדָה, «повествование»)  ( it covers subjects as God's nature, divine mercy, and the character of the Messiah, Aggadah is creative and speculative and contrasts with the Halakhah, which remains definitive and obligatory)

Agunah (Hebrew "anchored") - aguna (agun) ( עגונה ) - АГУНА́ (עֲגוּנָה, буквально `связанная`) (a woman who cannot remarry because her husband refuses to give her a get (writ of divorce), or he is missing or incompetent, as prescribed in Deuteronomy 24.1-4)

Akiva ben Joseph, Rabbi (c. 50-135) - rabi Akiva Joosep - Рабби Аки́ва (ивр. עֲקִיבָא‎, Акива бен-Йосеф; около 50-135) (leading scholar and famous teacher, who apparently supported the revolt against Rome under Bar Kokhbah in 132, he was martyred by the Romans)

Amidah (Hebrew "standing") - amida (heebrea "seismine") - амида́ (ивр. עֲמִידָה‎ — стояние) (the principal component of the daily prayers of Talmudic Judaism, it consists of 19 benedictions, firstly in praise of God and closing with thanksgiving)

Annas (1st century AD) - Hannas (22/23 eKr. - 40/66 pKr.) - Анна, сын Сета (22 год до Р.Х. — 66) (Israel's high priest, he apparently questioned Jesus after his arest (John 18))

Jewish dispensation —  Moosese 10 käsku, Moosese seadus - заповеди Моисея, Моисеев закон

Hebrew Bible - Juudi Piibel -  Еврейская Библия (the Jewish Scriptures - the law, the prophets, psalms, and other writings - all completed by 500 BC)

Malakh (Hebrew "messenger") - malah (heebrea - "sõnumitooja") - малах (на ивритском - "ангел") (angels are prominent in Ezekiel, Zecharian and Daniel, they can fly, speak Hebrew and the the future, four angels are supreme: Gabriel, Michael, Raphael and Uriel)

Radio "Shabbat" - 531 AM radio in Israel, which keeps silence on Saturdays and broadcasts only in case of emergencies like natural disasters or declaration of war

Scola - the synagogue in Venetian dialect

Septuagint - Septuaginta - Септуагинта (a Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible ca 250 BC, it was compiled by Jewish scholars living in Alexandria, Egypt)

"Women of the Wall" (Hebrew: נשות הכותל, Nashot HaKotel) - an organization (founded in 1988 in Israel) of Jewish feminists fighting for equal rights of women at the Wailing Wall (as  the right to read from the Torah and wear tallit, tefillin and kippah)