Advaita Vedanta - Advaita Vedanta - Адва́йта-веда́нта (санскр. अद्वैत वेदान्त) (one of the most influential of the orthodox schools of Hindu philosophy - non-dual (advaita) in its essence, claims that the non-dual absolute has to be known directly through experience)

Agni - Agni - Агни (god of fire in Hinduism, he is the link between heaven and earth, between the gods and humans, he is identified as the fire of digestion and the fire of passion)

Ahimsa - ahimsa - ахимса (the rule of non-violence applied by Mahatma Gandhi during India's struggle for independence)

Mahamaham tank - a 6.2-acre step-sided pool said to contain waters from many of India's (in Tamil Nadu state) most sacred rivers. Every 12 years or so hundreds of thousands of people flock there to wash away their sins

Svarga - Svarga ("taevas") - Сварга (др. инд. "небо") (a paradise in Hinduism where one can live until one's next reincarnation)