Adrian IV (originally Nicholas Breakspear) (c.1100-1159) - Hadrianus IV - Адриан IV (Pope, the first and only Englishman to hold this title, elected in 1154, he granted Ireland to Henry II)

Carrauntoohil mountain - Carrauntoohil magi - гора Карантуилл (the highest peak in Ireland (1038 m) located in county Kerry. A steel Christian cross, 5 metres tall, was erected on the summit in 1976)

Cathach - the sixth-century Latin psalter of St Colum Cille (Columba), was acquired by Royal Irish Academy in 1843

St. Coca - the 6th century  Irish saint (traditionally a sister of St. Kevin of Glendalough), Kilcock (Cill Choca meaning "Coca's cell") town  takes its name from her

Frank Duff - the founder of the Legion of Mary, the only global organization ever established by an Irishman, he was born on 7 June 1889 in Dublin

Leabhar na hUidhre (the book of the Dun Cow) - raamat punakaspruunist lehmast - книга Бурой Коровы (the oldest extant manuscript completely in Irish, it is held in the Royal Irish Academy)

Nama - one of the Greece's best-known wines, it's often used as altar wine in Greek Orthodox churches

Nollaig Shona Duit - the Gaelic greeting for "Merry Christmas"

Reek (Celtic Cruach - a reference to the conical shape) Sunday - each year, in the last Sunday in July, around 20 000-25 000 pilgrims (many in their bare feet) climb the holy Croagh Patrick mountain in Co. Mayo, Ireland

The Stowe Missal - the oldest surviving Mass book of the early Irish church, probably the early fifth century AD (acquired by Royal Irish Academy in 1883)

Saint Tola - püha Tola - святой Тола (a seventh-century Irish Roman Catholic saint. He was the bishop of Clonard in Meath, Ireland. Around the year 700, he established a monastic community in county Clare)

The Wren boy procession - an old tradition in Ireland when on St. Stephens day a procession takes place where a pole with a holy bush (in olden times an actual wren would be killed and placed on top of the pole) is carried from house to house