Abhidharma - Abhidharma - Абхидхарма (the third part of the Buddhist scriptures tipitaka or the Pali Canon, places a special emphasis on consciousness, aimed at liberating human beings from craving and suffering by giving them insight into the impermanence (anicca) of things and the unreality of the self (anatman))

Agama - Agama - Агама (a collection of the discourses of the Buddha, there are four of these Agamas, it includes allegories, illustrations, parables, popular stories and similes, each major school of Buddhism has its own Agamas)

Ajanta - Ajanta - Аджанта (деванагари अजिंठा लेणी) (an ancient Buddhist site in Maharashtra in India, which contains 30 monastic dwelling caves cut out of the rocks, rediscovered in 1819 after a thousand years of neglect) 

Ajivika - Adžiivika - Аджи́вика (a school of world-renouncers at the time of the Buddha (5th century BC)

Akong Tulku Rinpoche (1940-) - Akong Tulku Rinpoche -  Аконг Тулку Ринпоче (Tibetan Buddhist doctor and lama, in 1967 in Eskdalemuir, Scotland he established first Tibetan monastery in the West with speciality in the Kagyu tradition)