Bergamo stands on the site of the ancient town of Bergomum, founded by Celts.
Especially romantic was its upper part - Cittá alta, but expensive too - common asking price for the house is 2 mln. Euro!
Walking along very narrow and ancient streets we expected to bump ... at restless and quirky Truffaldino, famous character from a comedy “The Servant of Two Masters”  by Carlo Goldoni from Venice (written in 1749.), as you might remember he was always hungry (especially for love of Smeraldina).

Local cafes are paradise for a "sweet tooth": in every place you will find Bergamo's special sweet polenta (6 Euro piece) - lemon cake with the almonds, also contains cornmeal, eggs and lots of sugar.
Definitely worth to try a bicerin (5 Euro glass) - the mixture of hot chocolate, coffee and whole milk, not mixed but carefully layered in a glass.
Do not try it as appetizer or just before meal - it so thick, you will feel full for at least next couple of hours!
A view from S. Vigilio hill
A view on Cittá Alta