Slovenia always been a big mystery to me. As a part of former communist Yugoslavia it broke all relationships with Belgrade in December 1990 and smashed Yugoslavian army in short Ten-Day War without spilling too much blood. Democratic reforms begun with solving the ethnic problem, as large proportion (17 %) of the population was made up from different nationalities,  such as Hungarians, Serbians, Italians, Croats and others.  Slovenia, unlike some other post-Communist countries (notably the Baltic states) did it in a smart way: citizenship was granted to everyone (regardless nationality) who only wished to take it up!
Next logical step was joining EU on May 1, 2004. Slovenia changed its currency to the euro on Jan. 1, 2007, becoming the first former Communist country to do so. In Jan. 2008, Slovenia became the first former communist nation to assume the EU presidency.
Slovens are very intelligent people and are keen readers: for years country holds a title of most "printable" nation in Europe - they produce more books than anyone else! Especially slovens love poetry and it's been said that country has more poets than anywhere else on Earth! And they celebrate the Culture Day as a national holiday!
Slovenia has it's own internationally renowned brand - "Gorenje", which in 2010 produced world's first washing machine with touch-screen. Also quite unique invention is a mlekomat (milk-machine). For just 1 euro you will get 1 liter of fresh milk without need to go to the shop. If you are short on bottle, you will get one right there from the same machine: 50 c. for a glass bottle and 30 c. - plastic bottle.
Interesting to mention that Slovenian language is the same language (put aside small differences) which is spoken by Croats and Serbians.

Na zdravje Slovenija!
Laško - the best beer in Slovenia
Even cows here are different
Cactus in slovenian way