Munich was charming.
First the abundance of churches - one is better (or bigger if you wish) then another. The style of baroque certainly a little fanciful, but strikes the scale of works and components, very thin and thought out. In one of the churches we even saw the terminal of credit cards (apparently for the donations).
Secondly, the improbable cleanliness on the streets and especially of toilets, which we used frequently apparently in connection with the special beneficial effect of famous Bavarian beer (Dunkel is good one) on the digestive tract. Toilets here are free, but in many of them sits someone in charge (usually an old lady), near her a  small plate, where tender-hearted visitors throw trifle. I in turn, gave to one black lady large fresh date, her big smile was a sure sign of acceptance and she even opened door for me when I was leaving.
In general, Germans very polite and friendly people, every time we stopped at the street in order to glance into the map of city immediately we were  approached  by local burgher (citizen of a town) offering us his help.
In the city besides the buses trams also in use, and there is a branched system of the metro S -bahn and U -bahn. I advise tram nr. 25, which will go into Grünwald (in the forest zone) - the region of rich villas. On the metro it is possible to go to Dachau - sadly known as Germany's first concentration camp, another branch conducts to the lake Starnberger See (huge in size) - the popular place of leisure for Bavarians.
Interesting was to learn what is the typical Bavarian kitchen: from the soups these are outstanding pumpkin soup, onion soup with the cheese (lots of  cheese), in fact it's so tick, that looks like cheesecake. From the meat dishes it's pork with the potato and famous sauerkraut (fermented shredded cabbage). Fish dishes somewhat did disappoint, since they did prove to be typical Estonian kitchen - herring with the onion or fried fish with the potato and lettuce!?

The biggest men's department store in Europe
City Hall (Rathaus)
Musicians having a break
Girl selling buns in Europe's biggest pub
German people love milk!
Walking Man (15 m. high, 1995)
Just a beautiful church
Map of Nazi Europe in Dachau