You are literally spoiled for choice here: Camus, Hennessy, Larsen, Martell, Baron Otard, Remy-Martin just to name a few. Entry fees vary greatly: from 7 euro/adult, free for under 18 at Camus up to 25 euro/adult (12-18 years old - 7 euro) at La Maison Rémy Martin. Some houses as Hennessy, Martell and Baron Otard organise English tours as well. We decided to head for the world's oldest cognac producer - Martell. Just a bit of history: Jean Martell arrived from his native island of Jersey in 1715 to set up his own eaux-de-vie trading. From innovation to perfection: during the tour you will learn about the complex processes of double distillitaion, in the workshop you will see up to 1000 samples and bottles of eaux-de-vie (for example more than 150 different types of eaux-de-vie go into making Martell Cordon Blue cognac). In the storehouse you can actually smell it and you will be told about "the angel's share" - up to 3% of the caskes volume... just disappears. The tour was absolutely fantastic and many thanks to our guide real English-French gentleman, his eloquence in classical English language is a rare occurrence in nowadays mainstream English media!
Hennessy house
L'or de Jean Martell - 2300 euro
The whole range of Martell house cognacs over the years
La Maison Rémy Martin
At the crossroads of major cognac routes...
At the Martell house
In the workshop with our tour guide